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Santiago de Cali is one of the most representative cities in Colombia thanks to its people, architecture, historic value, medical tourism and the recreation provided to all kind of tourists, pilgrimages and sports.

This is a city full with history, culture and fun where you can enjoy the museums and theatres located on some of the original buildings from the foundation that has been preserved till now. Also this city has a lot of places to visit and enjoy, each one with different attractions to all kind of tastes some of them are: San Antonio and Granada neighborhoods with their beautiful architecture and the amazing gastronomic proposals; the zoo, the modern art museum “La Tertulia”, the fount and “El peñon” park, The Ortiz bridge, “La Ermita” church and the Cali Tower among others.

Things to do in Cali

Between all the places to highlight we could find “La Loma de la Cruz”, preserved from more than 500 years and where the legend of “La mano Del negro” remains immortal, in a representative sculpture of the colonial era.

At the entrance you may find different art expressions among which stand out the leather goods, the rustic craftworks, the live music events and the culinary presentations with delicious “Empanadas”, “Obleas” and typical candies from the region.

Cali Party

The weather, the people, the view, the ambience and the beautiful places get mixed to offer on its uncountable discos, bars and clubs one of the most spectacular parties in Colombia, being the Salsa music one of the emblems of the city and all the establishments offers many options to enjoy this kind of music in events like the “Festival Mundial de Salsa”, in which Cali and their visitors will have 6 days of exhibitions with musicians from all over the world.

Scattered throughout the city we could find a lot of renowned clubs among which we could pick every musical preference or event and monthly each one of these clubs prepare their locations to promote the night entertainment.

Cali Shopping

The “Valle del Cauca” natives have an impressive entrepreneur spirit, and in Cali the entertainment, the shoes, the leather goods and the handcraft jewelry highlights among others.

The impressive shopping malls in Cali has been conditioned, designed and built thinking of the visitor’s comfortable taking advantage of the clime and the space, to offer a place to have fun with all the family, where besides stores full with beautiful products, you can enjoy beverages, dishes or have a good time with your kids at the game stations.

Cali Restaurants

The Cali gastronomy is excellent and singular because mix international food, with typical Colombian food, typical region food and the Cali flavor, creating exquisite dishes decorated with the most beautiful women from “La sucursal del Cielo”.

Cali Clubs/Bars

As is well known Cali is a very active city and even more at night, where the weather get mix with the sounds of Salsa music and predicts an atmosphere of fun, party and carnival; being this city one of the most important Cities of Rumba, offer you hundreds of discos and clubs adapted to the entertainment of all kinds, to all tastes and all persons.

Cali Hotels

The architecture of Cali’s hotels is very varied and distinguished, optimized for the comfort of all guests, these hotels have been designed and suited to enjoy a pleasant staying with the family and friends, make yourself comfortable being delighted by the beautiful views you might enjoy at the hotel of your preference, where the client always comes first.

Places to go in Cali

Calitravelguide offers you a selection of places to go in Cali.

Places to go in Cali: Cali Zoo

Cali Zoo

Recognized as one of the best in Latin America.
Places to go in Cali: Viewpoints


Cali has several prime locations to view the city from above.
Places to go in Cali: Municipal Administrative Center

Municipal Administrative Center

Is a complex of modern buildings which are located the offices of the main city's municipal authorities

Places to go in Cali: La Tertulia

La Tertulia Art Museum

Its modern style building hosts major art exhibitions in the city.
Places to go in Cali: Cali Tower

Cali Tower

It is the tallest building in Cali and one of the major landmarks of the city.
Places to go in Cali: Pance river

The Ermita

This Gothic church and iron gates is one of the main icons of the city.

Places to go in Cali: Caicedo Square

Caicedo Square

Central Plaza Cali since its foundation, adorned with slender palm trees was the focus of growth of the city.
Places to go in Cali: La Merced

The Merced

This colonial architectural complex located in the historic center of Cali.
Places to go in Cali: San Francisco Square

San Francisco Square

Located in the center of Cali, is known for its brick buildings, which are part of the Church of San Francisco.

Places to go in Cali: Municipal Theater

Municipal Theater

Declared a national monument, Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theatre still retains its Italian Baroque-style architecture.
Places to go in Cali: Hill of the Cross

Hill of the Cross

The handicrafts Loma de la Cruz is a place of cultural and artistic tradition in the city..
Places to go in Cali: San Antonio

San Antonio

Located on the hill of San Antonio, is one of the traditional neighborhoods of Cali.

Places to go in Cali: Cañaveralejo Sports Complex

Cañaveralejo Sports Complex

It is one of the larger sports areas of the city, comprised of the People's Coliseum.
Places to go in Cali: Pascual Guerrero Stadium

Pascual Guerrero Stadium

Located in the Barrio San Fernando has a capacity for 45,000 spectators.
Places to go in Cali: Sixth Street

6th Avenue Street

The most famous avenue rumba Cali, in the night light is filled with nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Places to go in Cali: Gastronomic Area of Granada

Gastronomic Area of Granada

A must visit for those who enjoy the variety of cuisine, shops and most exclusive art galleries.
Places to go in Cali: Unicentro

Unicentro Cali

Mall representative of Cali, is a youth meeting place south of the city.
Places to go in Cali: Chipichape


Mall built in the old train station.

Places to go in Cali: Calima Gold Museum

Calima Gold Museum

Important archaeological sample of Colombia, has beautiful ceramic pieces goldsmiths and pre-Columbian cultures.
Places to go in Cali: Outside Cali

Outside Cali

Around the city are full of history and culture.
Places to go in Cali: Pance River

Pance River

The park receives health weekend visitors willing to enjoy the freshness of the river Pance.

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