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The Ermita Church - Places to go in Cali

La Iglesia de la Ermita del Rio is located in the center of the city of Cali, Colombia Avenue on the west side of Rio Cali hence its name, the present chapel was built to replace the chapel that had existed since 1602 and was destroyed by the earthquake that hit the city in 1787, where it survived the figure of Lord Reed, who has since been kept in the May altar is quite revered as countless miracles attributed to him.

The chapel is a building wide-inspired Gothic Cathedral of Cologne in Germany today is a symbol and icon of Santiago de Cali, its interior decorated with marble from Carrara, the altars, communion rail and pulpit also draft Gothic were worked by the sculptor Alideo Tazzioli who also sculpted the Mount Cristo Rey in the crystals.

Several of its most prominent architectural components were brought from outside, the bells were melted down and brought from Levallois around Paris (France), the musical clock and windows that represent the twelve apostles come from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and the magnificent iron doors have been made by the students of the Municipal School of Arts and Crafts in Cali.

If you are thinking there is to do in Cali a plan very religious can be not only admire the wonderful architecture of the church of the Hermitage, but the images within it are preserved for more than three centuries: The Virgin of Sorrows San Roque, San Jose, San Francisco Javier, La Magdalena, San Antonio, Ecce Homo and of course the already mentioned representation of Christ or Christ Cane River.

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