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Viewpoints - Places to go in Cali

Cali has several prime locations to view the city from above. The mountains guardians guard in the Cristo Rey and 3 Cruces, and from the hill of Belalcazar the statue of the founder of the city.

If you are thinking there is to do in Cali, a good option is to sit and observe the city from several strategic points of view can not only enjoy a spectacular view of the valley and sultana, but the breeze over the mountains Western and the temperature in the afternoons Cali.


South-west the Christ the King guards the city from the hill of the crystals at a height of 1,474 meters above sea level. It is a monument built in steel and concrete with a height of 26 meters in honor of Christ the Redeemer, the patron of Cali, which opened in 1952, is now a national monument. It can be reached on foot, but has an ascent road in good condition and to reach the top you can taste typical local snacks.


North of the city of Cali in another mentor hill 1,465 meters above sea level is the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, which according to legend protect the city from a demon that cursed them in the nineteenth century, originally erected in bamboo by missionaries who conjured the spell, were replaced in 1937 by a central cross 26 meters and two crosses side of 22 meters and ferroconcrete structure preserved until today. It is common to see weekend access roads to the hill full of athletes in a sample of physically demanding eager to reach the top, where you can see the city in its entirety, relax and enjoy a delicious fruit juice.


Another of the most visited viewpoints is also located north of Cali, in the race 3 rd 9 th Street West to west on the Hill named Sebastian de Belalcazar in honor of the founder of the city stands a pedestal built to commemorate the 400 year anniversary. The statue of the Mirador de Belalcazar with his right hand points the way out to sea and left hand holds the sword, as he leads his contemplative gaze Santiago de Cali. The monument is surrounded by the city flags waving through the wind that runs through the site.

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