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Gastronomic Area of Granada - Places to go in Cali

The exclusive and elegant neighborhood of Granada is jqueda beside the bridge over Ortiz and extends from the bridge and walk north on Bolivar extension of Avenida Ayacucho and to the west by Avenue Belalcázar (Av 4 Norte). Since its inception, Granada was the first suburb of Cali and has been a neighborhood with a predominant architecture development by the upper classes emerged there today and turned it into a tourist site, gastronomic and commercial bars that combine , boutiques, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants.

This neighborhood is named in honor of the Spanish population that has the same name, as Fidel Lalinde the businessman who bought the land he thought he could be likened to the river and a piedmont as is the Spanish city.

Here are the most luxurious hotels and prominent city known as Aqua Granada Hotel, Granada Real Hotel Las Vegas and Now, combined with trade and world class gastronomíaa area.

Among the sites that are found to eat in Granada are Chocolatino Gourmet, fusion wok, hooters, Litany, Ringlete, Trattoria Solar, Uvva 69 Mayolo Bar, Granaditta. Also for a cocktail or some kind of liquor do in Kabaret, Marineira, Tropical Cocktails and if you prefer to buy an accessory is branded boutique or visit: Touché, urban chic, lore, Fernando Salzar, Maria Elena Villamil , Booms, Anna Marye and Rattan Galleries.

The inhabitants of the district themselves caleño define this neighborhood as an area with a variety of flavors that delight the palate of locals and foreigners and positioning tourism as a destination recognized not only for its history but by commercial sites that have developed there and Cali have boosted the economy.

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