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Pance river - Cali Health Park - Places to go in Cali

An interesting and unexpected attraction for tourists who come to the ground and scraped the sauce and would not think to find in the main river a tourist proposal to meet the Valle del Cauca. Besides pouring water to the entire city of birth Farallones de Cali, the highest in the Cordillera Occidental, is the protagonist of recreational parks and restaurants around it.

The adventure begins to enjoy the river in the park Natural Farallones de Cali and continues with a tour of the city approximately 25 km to finish in the Maelstrom and emptying into the river Jamundi. It is considered a tourist attraction for its clear waters and cold in its wake in the flow produce a sound rest and retreat from the city. Other amenities like Natural spa which houses a sports court and spaces where visitors can take the so-called "walk-pot", ie, where families and friends gather to share, swim in a sparkling pool and enjoy the thick vegetation here.
Passing this tour visitors can sample the delights of the region as native chicken stew, fried food and buy crafts made of wood, ceramic, bamboo, textiles and decorative objects.

In the course of this district is the Ecopark Pance River, a place that offers visitors hiking trail, native plant nursery, lake fishing, camping areas, sports fields between the river and the nature of Pance Ecopark. The tour of the eco-park can also appreciate the village of Eagle Peak, where you can have a spectacular view over the Valle del Cauca. Then there is the Benching, site of ecological interest for the gold mines that were exploited in the Colonial era. To end this tour rural Cali, we recommend visiting the birthplace Thunder High Quebrada El Encanto height of 35 meters around the scene of the imposing mountains of the Indian CV, a natural pool with breathtaking natural beauty and allowing visitors after 5 hours away feeling that has been sighted along the valley to the sea of ??the Pacific coast and the rainforest, which characterizes this region.

To lead to the Maelstrom, Pance river refers to the image of the Colombian novel, which is called Maelstrom Eustasio Colombian writer Jose Rivera, who tells the story of a couple's love on the run from the partnership between the plains and the Amazon , perfect image to define this tributary of the Cauca River and Jamundi

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