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San Antonio - Places to go in Cali

An auxiliary religious space that was created with the aim of expanding the congregation of parishioners in eighteenth-century Church of San Pedro and now, with over 200 years of construction is visited by tourists to know its Baroque beauty. Inside the chapel highlights the priest stands and railings or balustrade enclosing the atrium are curved as part of the baroque style.

The charm of San Antonio Chapel lies not only in baroque colonial architecture but also in the viewpoint that has become famous for a glimpse of the entire city with beautiful lighting at night and selling souvenirs and crafts around the Temple.

Access to the hill should be done by car. Although it can also be done on foot, it is recommended to climb accompanied daylight hours to avoid security problems. Besides visiting the temple, you can walk the woods and gardens surrounding the hill, the roads that crisscross the mountain with lush vegetation to make a visit to the hill a pleasant walk.

The place was recommended to eat the wafers, buying or even Cali reminders are crafts and groups of people listening to storytellers or poems on the slopes of the hill. Best photos panoramic city can achieve from this point, so it is a must see in the city.

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