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San Francisco Square - Places to go in Cali

The style of the religious complex La Merced, San Francisco Small Square is considered a site of historical, cultural and religious in the Church of San Francisco, the Temple of the Immaculate Virgin, the Convent of San Joaquin, the Mudejar Tower and Museum religious art.

His flashy tourist and cultural lies in the elaborate brick construction in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that stands in the center of the city of Cali. Since its construction the Franciscan Order has been in charge of the five sites that make up the square, however Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera took control of these religious sites, as it did with the resort of La Merced, in order to control the power of the Catholic Church for the year 1861.

Later the Franciscans regained control of the complex and set about beautifying the Church, for the first donations started with the construction of the convent and the chapel in 1757 and then concentrate on the arrangements of the Temple. This work is worthy of the neoclassical style shows in the architecture and in the complex stands the brick facade, the painting of the dome of Mauritius Ramelli that recreates the life of St. Francis of ACIS, the altar takes up the Baroque style with images of the Franciscan saints who also pays homage in the temple, along with other images such as The Lord of Nazareth, the Virgin of the Revelation, The Christ Cañasgordas and paintings depicting the life of the religious order.

As such the complex apart from representing a historical and cultural monument in the life of Cali, plays an important role in knowledge neoclassical architectural elements by mixing with painting, sculpture and woodcarving, a legacy of the Quito school that still has influence in the lives of its proximity Cali border with Turkey.

Location:Between races 5th and 6th and 9th streets and 1O th

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